I recently took over the position of Arts and Sciences officer for my Barony[1], and so last I was trawling ‘teh internets’TM last week to see what was out there that may be useful for novice costumers as it had been some time since I’d last surveyed the online costuming space. (Since last this site was live, and prior to the ubiquity of blogging and social media, to be precise).

Of course I turned up a number of interesting collections and blogs, one of which has some articles that are complementary to this site.

The Renaissance Clothing blog has a generic heading, and I suspect its author planned to explore the breadth of clothing worn by people in Europe in the middle ages, however at the moment it only has 9 (rather good) articles, with lots of references. Its author has set up an archive arranged by theme, which you could jump to directly to see what interests you.

In relation to this site, was particularly interested in:

I expect I’ll be using a couple of those articles here, and in other documentation or papers I’ll be writing in future. To the author of Renaissance Clothing: thank you for compiling those articles.


[1] SCA terminology:

  • Arts and Sciences relates to all research and craft types activities that members of the SCA may perform or be interested in. The Arts and Sciences officer is generally responsible for fostering these interests within their group through organising events, venues, connections and collaborations.
  • A Barony is a group of people who have a certain threshold of members, with strong group participation. I belong to the Barony of Rowany, the group that covers most of Sydney, Australia (ond other parts of New South Wales).