Yule dress planSome weeks ago I posted about the design decisions I was making for the gown I am making for the annual Rowany Yule Feast. Here’s the current situation:

  • The gown has been patterned to sit over an existing lightly boned bodice. It is a V-backed, side opening bodice, with a cut-through front piece for the skirt, and 3 pieces in the back skirt
  • All pieces (excepting sleeves) have been cut out out of a lovely teal velveteen
  • The bodice has been made up and all edges except the neckline have been finished
  • The partlet has been cut from wonderfully patterned fabric, shoulder seams sewn up, and hemming has commenced

I’ve drawn up a plan of action to ensure the dress is completed in time for an earlier event – Fields of Gold, simply because I’m running Yule Feast, and trying to run and event AND finish a dress is a madness-making endeavour.

Next steps:

  • Decide on a lining fabric for the skirts
  • Research neckline edgings for these gowns. I know that a black line is OK from the tapestries I’m taking this dress from, but as I plan to put an edge down the open sides of the skirt and along its hem, I am wondering if I should mirror this colour in the neckline
  • Order pearls for the sides and hem of the skirt
  • Cut out the coif, so I can sew it during Wednesday games nights