This year for Christmas I got some lovely things and one not so lovely thing – a week long flu virus. So instead of the 2.5 weeks of holiday I thought I had with some of that devoted to sewing projects, I ended up with a week less of it.

At least I could surf image databases while laid up on the couch, and pin them to my Pinterest boards. The Clothing of the Low Countries board now has a variety of images from the Museum Boijmans van Beuningan.

This also let me look at a variety of images in one hit and draw some conclusions, even in my foggy-brained state:

  1. Clothing of France and the Low Countries are very similar until about 1480 when they start to diverge, with the Low Countries attire becoming that interesting hybrid of French and German fashion, possibly as a result of Mary of Burgundy marrying Maximilian.
  2. Women’s stockings are predominantly black, not white.
  3. Pointed toe black ankle boots are relatively common for this period.

I’ve also created separate themed boards from some projects I’m working on in the next few months: