Following the recent wrap-up of the first 6 months of the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014, I started to think about the remaining six months of challenges. Here’s my current ideas/plans:

#13 Under $10 – a pair of sleeves (already completed, will write it up this week)
#14 Paisley and plaid – no entry, not a popular 15th or 16th century choice
#15 The Great Outdoors – A pair of turn shoes and accompanying chopines/pattens
#16 Terminology – something made from linen
#17 Yellow – remake the mustard gown, sleeves, take out lining, make into a round gown
#18 Poetry in motion – an outfit based on Three Country Dances by Thomas Hobcroft
#19 HSF inspiration – no idea yet. Time to trawl the albums and get inspired
#20 Alternative Universe – no entry
#21 Re-do – Probably #9: Black and White, as I want to make a smocked shirt for a friend
#22 Gentleman’s Attire – a Yule Feast outfit for my other half, which will definitely include a doublet, and may include the gown I started and abandoned for Midwinter. Depends on his desires, really
#23 Modern History – Probably a blouse, from my Grandmother’s pattern cutting book. Quite excited by this idea, actually doing some “modern” sewing for a change.
#24 All that Glitters – Not sure yet, a girdle for my court gowns? Something for Yule Feast for myself?

Quite an inspiring and challenging, but not overwhelming list!