HSF – the rest of the year, challenges 13-24

Following the recent wrap-up of the first 6 months of the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014, I started to think about the remaining six months of challenges. Here’s my current ideas/plans:

#13 Under $10 – a pair of sleeves (already completed, will write it up this week)
#14 Paisley and plaid – no entry, not a popular 15th or 16th century choice
#15 The Great Outdoors – A pair of turn shoes and accompanying chopines/pattens
#16 Terminology – something made from linen
#17 Yellow – remake the mustard gown, sleeves, take out lining, make into a round gown
#18 Poetry in motion – an outfit based on Three Country Dances by Thomas Hobcroft
#19 HSF inspiration – no idea yet. Time to trawl the albums and get inspired
#20 Alternative Universe – no entry
#21 Re-do – Probably #9: Black and White, as I want to make a smocked shirt for a friend
#22 Gentleman’s Attire – a Yule Feast outfit for my other half, which will definitely include a doublet, and may include the gown I started and abandoned for Midwinter. Depends on his desires, really
#23 Modern History – Probably a blouse, from my Grandmother’s pattern cutting book. Quite excited by this idea, actually doing some “modern” sewing for a change.
#24 All that Glitters – Not sure yet, a girdle for my court gowns? Something for Yule Feast for myself?

Quite an inspiring and challenging, but not overwhelming list!

Joining the Historical Sew Fortnightly in 2014

Last year Leimomi Oakes, aka The Dreamstress, created the Historical Sew Fortnightly (HSF). I thought about joining in last year, but being honest with myself (following some frank discussion with a costuming mentor) I decided I had other priorities. This year I’m in – for most of the challenges.

Leimomi posted all the challenges for the year yesterday, which really, really helps with planning items and fitting them into events that I know are coming up this year and that I already had sewing goals for. In particular:

  • Rowany Festival, 17-22 April
  • Rowany Baronial changeover, 3 May
  • Midwinter Coronation, 5-6 July
  • Cold War, end August
  • November Crown/ Fields of Gold, November
  • Yule Feast, early December

Some rules I’m setting myself for participating the HSF.

  1. Preparing for events is more important than participating in a challenge, making them work together is excellent.
  2. Life trumps sewing
  3. If I can’t make it work for within the framework of this blog and my specific research interests then I’m not participating in that challenge.
  4. Using a challenge as impetus to make something that’s been knocking around in my head for a few years is a good thing. I’m looking at “Tops and Toes” and “The Great Outdoors” here.

With this in mind I made a template for planning the challenges, which I printed out single-sided and will blue tack to a wall at home. Feel free to use the template if it will help you too.

Looking through the challenges, and keeping in mind the rules above I immediately knocked out the following challenges either because of competing event deadlines, or rule 3: #5-Bodice (Rule 1, 1 month to Festival); #6-Fairytale (Rule 3, also Rule 1); #14-Paisley & Plaid (Rule 3); #20-Alternative Universe (Rule 3).

I have ideas drafted for challenges 1-4, 7-9 as they fit with plans I already had for my Festival kit, and plans to finish the transition gown I was making for Yule Feast last year. First challenge results will be posted later this week.

Here’s to a creative and productive year!