All posts prior to this one were written between 2003-2005, when I first started examining the style of dresses in the Low Countries in the 1500s.

Then I went on hiatus from costuming and medieval recreation in general. It seems it is time to pick up those threads again.

This site will house any research, dress diaries or projects that I undertake which help to illuminate and explore clothing that was worn in the Low Countries in the early 16th century. It will encompass the examination of the styles of the Hapsburg court, Anne de Bretagne, Books of Hours, engravings and paintings of the period (I’ll explain why in other posts).

Clothing is a product of culture and place so I will also be looking into any academic papers on the late renaissance and early modern periods which may shed light on the way that people were living their lives at this time, or the ways that fabrics and textiles were used, to help examine the clothing of the time.

I’ll also start to post thoughts and ideas on men’s clothing of the period, as I now have a somewhat willing guinea pig.