Andrew Boorde, physician to Henry VIII, travelled across Europe in the 1500s and then wrote an ‘itinerary’ to help other travellers understand the people of the countries they’d be visiting. His book includes sections on the Low Countries and Low German speaking parts of Europe, specifically Flanders, Zealand & Holland, Brabant & Hainault, Guelders & Cleves, Julich & Liege, and Cologne & Bonn. I’ve taken these sections and compiled them into the one document for easy reading for us Low Countries researchers.

Here’s the file: Andrew Boorde’s guide to the Low Countries. This file is an easy to read version of his book – a typeset version of the entire book on I’ve highlighted any section which refers to clothing, and written two pages on the context of his itinerary and how much faith we can place in his observations.

It’s useful for anyone looking at food, coinage, language and comparisons of general culture of these counties. There are a couple of references to clothing, most notably for our purposes one of the only textual references in English to the huik, as well as frequent commentary that certain counties don’t change their clothes [style].