On the first day of content the Clothing the Low Countries ladies gave to me…

An update on where they’ve been and an overview of the series

Where we have been

Hi! Well, the last 4 months have been a bit quiet here at Clothing the Low Countries, we hope you didn’t miss us too much. The end of 2016 caught us both by surprise in our own special way.

Karinne got married, whilst simultaneously dealing with a few stressful months at work. Which meant that any down time was spent recovering and recuperating, rather than writing blog posts. Also, all her sewing mojo was tied up in sewing her wedding dress.

3 people standing in a garden

The wedding ceremony

Lessons learnt while sewing the dress:

  1. Modern sewing is easy after years of making renaissance gown
  2. French seams are the bomb!
  3. Ironing a bias wave into a sheer fabric sucks
  4. Knowing how to handsew when you have to is calming

Margaret’s children started a new school, which has meant some re-adjustments to the family routine. She was also indulging (if that’s the right word) in her other geek hobby: US politics. So, understandably was QUITE distracted over the last few months.

6 Days of Content Series!

Anyway, we’ve both had enough recovery time from those pursuits (we think), so expect content to start appearing again.

Here’s the plan.

26 December – this post

27 December – Karinne’s hat class PDF from a few years back that she’s been meaning to post up for a very long time

28 December – An article containing the measurements from the two a formal black hoods that Karinne has made in the last 2 (3?) years, so you can try to recreate the look

29 December – A PDF from Margaret’s most recent class: A survey of style change in women’s clothing in Holland during the 16th century

30 December – Karinne’s gleanings on what was happening in the Low Countries in the late 15th and early 16th century. This article is the beginning of some work on cultural changes leading to clothing changes which Karinne has been working on for a while

31 December – our costuming and SCA year in review. Two ladies, 7 questions. What did we love, what was challenging!

Then on 1 January (pending celebratory hangovers) we’ll let you know about some new ideas we’ve got for the site, and give it a bit of a facelift. This is mostly to address some coding issue that the site has, with a benefit of being able to ticker with some design settings that could be better.

Hope you enjoy the content as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!