Once upon a time, in a post a fair way away I promised some measurements for the formal black Franco-flemish hood* that I constructed. This one to be precise:

3 views of the hood

A Franco-Flemish hood, as worn for my Laurel ceremony

And lo, here they are:

diagram of

Measurements for the layers of the hood

These measurements are for the following three items:

The 4 elements of the franco-flemish hood

The layers of the hood

A description of how I assemble this hood can be found towards the end of this post.

*Called a French Hood in the historical costuming community, for reasons that I think are anglo-centric and historically incorrect. They appear in the Low Countries’ courts at the same time as they appear in the French ones, and the Burgundian court was lauded as the leaders in court etiquette and fashion at the time.