Announcing: 31 pages of analysis and examples of women’s headwear between 1460 and 1530. (18MB, PDF file, click link to download)

This is the handout from a class I taught at Rowany Festival in 2014. It covers eight types of headwear with images of each, an explanation of who wore them in what circumstances, and where I’ve made a version, how I did so.

Keep in mind two things:

  1. My interpretation of the construction of the hovetcleet and the formal black hood has changed since this class. You can find these updated ideas in these posts: hovetcleet||black hood
  2. Most images are not labelled with an artist and title. The work to caption every image is what has held this up from being published for 3 years. So, caveat emptor, if you want to know where an image is from I encourage you to do a google image search, if you get stuck then contact me and I will try to help. I will try to have a fully captioned PDF up at some stage, but I have no idea when.

As part of this work I pulled all my art books off the shelf and counted the types of headwear I could see in each image of each book. This gave me a graph of changes in fashion and particular styles over time and anchors the paper – by realising what style is most prevalent in which 5 year period we can be more deliberate in ensuring our Low Countries wardrobes have the appropriate headwear.

Chart of frequency of 15th and 16th century headwear in France and the Low Countries