I woke up this morning to a question in the Medieval Low-Countries Reenactment group on Facebook:
“I’m looking for references for Netherlandish clothing, and keep running into walls and dead ends. Anyone familiar with the Netherlandish styles and how they compared to German Renaissance and other low lands cultures?”

Through the conversation we established the original poster didn’t yet have a handle on his preferred timeframe, but did understand the social class he was looking at – “merchant class”. So as step one in helping him I was inspired to complete an idea I’ve had for a while – a table of artists I refer to when considering Flemish, Netherlandish and Brabantish styles of clothing in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Et voila! It is now live and available under the Styles menu.

Artists are sorted by time they were producing works, so if you recognise one artist, then artists clustered around that will likely be good sources for you. Clicking on one of the artists linked will take you to a wikimedia commons page showing some of their works for a quick glance through they style. I built it to have filters, which sadly haven’t come through in the embed process. Otherwise I hope this is useful.