Author: Karinne

The Pink Dress

This dress is affectionately known as “Karinne’s PINK dress” or “the pink party frock” by my friends. It is based on the picture ¬†shown below, “St Cecilia and her Fianc√©”, by Cornelis...

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Period maps

While I was randomly wandering around the internet yesterday I stumbled on the Old Maps Online site. It’s lots of fun. It’s an interactive database of maps published between 1000 and 2010. You can choose your...

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A gollar

The engravings of Lucas van Leyden contain a number of women wearing gollars over their square-necked dresses. All these gollars vary in style and decoration, however they all exhibit commons trait, they are square cut, sit...

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The Curtain Frock

This dress is based on two figures from the painting by Gerard David, “Virgin among Virgins”. The cut of the dress is based on the woman in green and the fabric’s pattern on the two figures in red and gold...

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