Clothing the Low Countries

Researching & Re-creating Flemish and Netherlandish clothing from 1480-1620

This site could reasonably be subtitled Two Women Curious About What Flemish Women Put On Their Heads, as that seems to be one of our primary preoccupations. Unsurprisingly we have a number of papers and tutorials on Low Countries hats, veils, caps and other headwear as worn in the long 16th century.

Structured Hats

Margaret’s Intro to Late Period “Flemish” Hats Or, Why Are You Wearing a Lampshade?

Karinne’s overview of the variety of hats worn throughout France and The Low Countries in the late 1400s-early 1500s

7 portraits of Renaissance Flemish and Dutch women from the 16th century

Flemish caps and veils – mid to late 1500s

Margaret has spent a lot of time theorising about and constructing items in this category. Here’s a round-up of her content:

Her tutorial series: Recreating “Flemish” Caps and Veils

  1. Style Overview
  2. Dressing the Hair
  3. Oorijzers
  4. Patterning the Caps
  5. Using Starch
  6. Arranging it all on your head

A class on all the layers that go into starched caps and veils from the Netherlands in the late 1500s. Includes some of Margaret’s patterns.