Like all good modern costume researchers we have a variety of pinterest boards set up to inspire our various projects, help us analyse changes in styles as well as commonalities.

You can find our list of boards here: Karinne’s boards :: Margaret’s boards OR you can scroll down for the latest updates on boards related to the Low Countries

Karinne’s pinterest boards:

Clothing of the Low Countries 15th & 16th century

  • The Kitchen Maid, Jo
  • Huybrecht Beuckeleer
  • Adriaen Van De Venne
  • Portrait of a lady,
  • Another good example
  • Adriaen Van De Venne
  • [Femme d'Amsterdam]
  • Medieval
  • Saint nicholas gives
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Netherlandish White Hood Variants (aka Hovetcleets)

  • "Portrait of a Woman
  • Datering 16de eeuw (
  • Scorel, Jan van (149
  • Death of the Virgin:
  • Portrait of a Woman
  • Ear iron of the 1580
  • Werner van den Valck
  • Another oorijzer gro
  • An Young and Old Wom
  • An Young and Old Wom
  • Portrait of a Woman
  • the style I think th
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Shoes of the Low Countries

  • Medieval artifact ha
  • Français 874, fol. 1
  • Shepards wearing pat
  • tripschoen, Anoniem,
  • Pieter Brueghel the
  • 15th Century illumin
  • “Man beating his wif
  • Héloise Instructs he
  • Artist	Unknown Minia
  • The Harvesters by Pi
  • By Abel Grimmer, a S
  • Detail from one of t
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Franco-flemish & Netherlandish transition gowns : V necks and wraps

  • Full-page miniature
  • Detail of a miniatur
  • Anne of France, Lady
  • Detail of Anne of Fr
  • Courtiers playing at
  • Oenone, with a grass
  • Guillaume de Lorris
  • Detail from "At the
  • Detail from "Flight
  • Detail from "The Beg
  • Detail from "The Ado
  • Detail from "Solomon
  • Detail from "Pyramus
  • Death of the Virgin:
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Hoik, huik, heuk, heuke

  • [Bourgeoise d'Anvers
  • ~WastedWeeds~
  • AERTSEN, Pieter,  De
  • In boedelinventariss
  • ~WastedWeeds~: Huik
  • ~WastedWeeds~: Huik
  • Jan Steen  (Dutch, c
  • Twee rouwende vrouwe
  • In boedelinventariss
  • artist unknown to me
  • he Gypsy-Woman, Jacq
  • Married women of Bay
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Margaret’s pinterest boards:

White Caps

  • Portrait Of Suzanna
  • Portrait de jeune fe
  • Portrait of Volcxken
  • Cornelis de Vos - По
  • Музей Гетти (J. Paul
  • Explore attributed t
  • Explore Anonymous
  • 1625 Portrait of You
  • View past auction re
  • Explore attributed t
  • Explore possibly Cor
  • Anna van der Aar.
  • Explore Anonymous No
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