Clothing Related Research

Hovetcleet Research Paper – Karinne’s research into the history and evolution of the Hovetcleet (aka the white Flemish veil), including instructions on the two versions she made to test her theories.

Huik, Heuke, Hoik, Hoike Research Paper – Karinne’s 2014 paper of all relevant (known to her) research on this unique item of Netherlandish clothing, and instructions on the version she made to test her construction theory.

Durer’s Cloak Pattern – Durer wrote a diary and kept a sketchbook of his travels in the Netherlands in 1521. There is an intriguing image of a Netherlandish dress pattern in this diary which is reproduced on this page.

A Glossary of Dutch Clothing Terms – Most of these were taken from the book “The Great Age of Holland 1600-60” published in 1951.

Articles on Clothing in the Early 1500s

Bodice Variations – A survey of bodice styles that vary from the common style described in Women’s Clothing 1480-1530.

Bodice and Sleeve Seams – A look at the seam placements in Leiden style dresses from van Leyden’s engravings. Also basic schematics of a couple of patterns Karinne developed for the earlier styles.

The Card Players – Why the painting commonly known as Lucas van Leyden’s the Card Players cannot be used as a source for this period.

The life of Lucas van Leyden – I use the works of Lucas van Leyden as my primary resource for research into Dutch women’s clothing. This article is an attempt to help me understand who Lucas van Leyden was and what he may have been trying to achieve with his art.