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Gown for Yule on hold

It’s time for an update on the dress I was making for Yule Feast, mostly as that event was 2 weeks ago. Also, mostly as I didn’t finish it. But that’s OK, as my sanity as event coordinator was way more...

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A dress for Yule Feast – update 1

Some weeks ago I posted about the design decisions I was making for the gown I am making for the annual Rowany Yule Feast. Here’s the current situation: The gown has been patterned to sit over an existing lightly boned...

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A gollar

The engravings of Lucas van Leyden contain a number of women wearing gollars over their square-necked dresses. All these gollars vary in style and decoration, however they all exhibit commons trait, they are square cut, sit...

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The Leiden Coat

I think I have a thing for sleeves with a hole cut in the inner elbow for the arm to go through, because as soon as I saw the coat in Lucas van Leyden’s “The Card Players” I wanted to re-make it. I originally...

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