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Gown for Yule on hold

It’s time for an update on the dress I was making for Yule Feast, mostly as that event was 2 weeks ago. Also, mostly as I didn’t finish it. But that’s OK, as my sanity as event coordinator was way more...

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Transition Gown for Yule Feast: Update 2

This project is coming along well (see this postĀ for design decisions and overall vision, and this one for the first progress update), despite having to do everyday things like go to work and sleep and general life admin. My aim...

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A dress for Yule Feast – update 1

Some weeks ago I posted about the design decisions I was making for the gown I am making for the annual Rowany Yule Feast. Here’s the current situation: The gown has been patterned to sit over an existing lightly boned...

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